This is where, hopefully soon, all the introductions for the main cast of PATHdog will be hosted! This page is, as you can see, extremely undone and a little goofy looking, so please stay tuned for updates! It will be updated soon

The gal ever

Alexis Maldonado Wong

Age: ? | She/It/They | Chaotic (?) | 147cm / 4'3ft | Gender: [REDACTED] | Just a little creature

If there is one word that describes Alexis the best, it could be "complicated"; The cryptic and arrogant adopted disaster/heir of the Maldonado family, she is always seen either picking fights, stuck in paranormal shenanigans that somehow end up disastrously wrong for her, or madly in love with her favorite coffee enthusiast ;>

The pal ever

Miranda Felix Mariscal

Age: 17 | She/Her | Lawful Neutral | 173cm / 5'8.11" | #1 Coffee Enthusiast in Baja California

Although at first glance she might seem a bit intimidating, she is quite the caring goof once she warms up to you! She's just somewhat of a recluse; Most of the time, she's at the east, helping out in her family's remote fishing business and getting paid to basically get people out of peril (it's very fortunate she is an teletransporting esper after all), but when the sea is calm, chance's are you'll see her spending time with her beloved cryptic creatura.

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